Tile Floor Installation

For Raleigh, Zebulon, Wake Forest, Rocky Mount, NC & Beyond
An attractive tile floor can take your home to the next level, and Express Floors is ready to help every step of the way. Tile is beautiful and classic in any bathroom or kitchen and can turn these frequently used room into places you want to spend your time. Express Floors carries porcelain and ceramic tile, in different sizes, glosses, colors, and textures. Call us today for your FREE ESTIMATE and let our licensed and insured tile crew get to work on your new tile floor.


Tile is a very long-lasting and resilient material and a favorite in water-prone areas. If sealed and grouted correctly, a tile floor can last 20 years. The grout also locks the tiles together and prevents any moisture getting through to your subfloors. If the worst does happen and a tile cracks, the broken tile can easily be replaced.
Easy Maintenance
Because of its durability, tile has very little upkeep. Depending on the type of tile, some just need warm water and a sponge to clean. Naturally they are stain and odor resistant, making your job cleaning up much easier!
Endless Styles
There are tiles of all colors in our showrooms! We have porcelain, ceramic, gloss, and matte. And with different patterns available for install, you have virtually endless options to customize your new floors.
Added Value
When deciding between homes to buy, tile floors can make your property stand out to home buyers. The timeless and functionality of tile has been proven to attract more potential buyers.